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Sophie MacKay gazed out the window and wondered about the Highlands view! "Mind boggling," she murmured to herself, as the scene of rock, desert, and mountains flew by while she loose in solace on the Princess super liner. "It is lovely, would it say it isn't," remarked her seat mate, a young fellow who had all the earmarks of being school age? ""It's awesome," Sophie answered, "the blend of hues and scene, well, it's fairly incredible!!!" "I suspect as much as well," he reacted, while broadening his hand and presenting himself, "my name's David, David Hutchins!" "Taking his hand and looking at him without flinching, Sophie answered, "Pleasure to meet you David, I'm Sophie MacKay the escort parlour madam." They kept on viewing the landscape fly by, sometimes remarking on something that got their attention, yet for the most part simply thinking their own thoughts. As the sun set, David checked his watch and opined, "It's about supper time, are you considering to join me in the feasting, Sophie?" Sophie gave him another quick look, and answered, "Why not, where are we going!"

The two supper newly met spent the following 90 minutes to get to know each other, talking about their lives and by large enjoying each other’s company. Sophie discovered that David was junior at a college in the Bay zone, and that he was heading home in London for summer excursion as he had left his last sweetheart, who had became an escort back home. Sophie then again, entertained David with stories about her own children, one of whom she had quite recently gone Paris. So here she was, a slightly aged lady with kids, having an awesome supper with a man no more than a half of her age!!! To make matters significantly more intriguing, David had a habit for touching Sophie's hand when he was making a point in discussion, and despite that she could never show it, she really started to feel excitement going through her body by his gentle touch!!! Getting the full focus of an attractive twenty year old was a mind blowing experience for a fifty something wedded lady, and much to her vexation, she started to play inappropriately with her young dinner companion! After a last glass of wine, both of them went back to their seats and settled down for the night. David put on a couple of earphones, leaned back his seat, and continued to nod off, while Sophie, still high from the wine and attention of the young fellow, attempted to rest, however rather she just managed to gaze out into the darkness of the night. She shuddered slightly and called the porter to ask for a cover, and then nodded off to rest.

The noise of the passing train kept her from falling into a profound sleep, and the occasional movements of the train carriages kept her half-awake. Amid one of these minutes, and still somewhat woozy, she was certain she felt a hand within her thigh!!! Attempting to open her eyes, she was overwhelmed by the dimness of the night, and was not certain precisely what was going on, but came to the realisation that David had slid his hand under her cover and was stroking inside of her leg!!! She wanted to say something, however David put a finger over her lips and whispered in her ear, "You are fantastically attractive, I simply needed to feel your body, do you mind?!?" Her head was turning, yet the relentless fingers climbing on her thigh were bringing her to dribble in sexual way! "I'm mature enough to be your mom," she whispered into his ear!!! "No mother ever was as hot as you seem to be,? he answered rapidly, as his hand reached the front of her underwear and he could feel her wetness, graciousness" and he proceeded, "and no mother would ever be as wet as you!!!" "You're insane," she whispered dryly, "consider the possibility that somebody sees us?!?" "It's after 12 pm," he reacted, "other people are snoozing, and in any case, it's practically dark here!!!" "Incline toward my shoulder," he requested, "and let me feel you, okay!?!" She didn't reply, however when her head touched his shoulder, he knew he had her. David slipped his fingers inside her undies into her groin and started delicately fingering the mature woman's pussy! "Are you generally this wet," he asked delicately, "I've heard that more mature ladies get significantly more effortlessly aroused than the more youthful ones, and I should say I agree with that!!!" Sophie turned her face towards David's, their lips met, keeping in mind David's finger entered Sophie's very much oiled pussy, their tongues interlocked in a full French kiss!!! They pulled away and Sophie whispered into his ear, "I feel so dirty, it's unbelievable!!!" "You're not lewd," he whispered back to her, "simply your pussy!!!" Hearing him discuss her pussy like that was staggeringly energizing, as her own spouse was extremely staid and dry and never used such profane language! At this time he was in London for business. Taking a gaze from him, she asked, "Is your cock hard!?!" "Feel for yourself," he shot back!!! Through the murkiness, Sophie's hand found its way down to his groin until it felt a thick hardness underneath his jeans! "My, god," she murmured delicately, "you are hard as a rock!!!" "Blue steel, baby," he answered, "you want it?!?" "We can't," she whispered softly, "consider the possibility that somebody will us?!?" David, disregarding her concern, and using his free hand, undid his belt and zipper, and with a little effort pulled out his manhood into the cool night air. "Touch it he insisted, and with a bit of uncertainty she took his part, holding it firmly, and groaning delicately at its hardness!!!

"Ever had one that enormous, baby," he asked!?! "No, never," she murmured, "it's enormous, that hard!!!" "Do everything you feel with it," he insisted! "Gracious, god," she groaned delicately, "so hard, goodness so smutty!!!" "Do you recognize what prostitutes do," he went ahead!! "What," she answered in a cold voice!?! "They suck it" he responded rapidly, "do you get me?!?" "Yes," she said delicately, I know," and with that, she dropped her head into his lap and took his thick penis into her warm mouth!!! David, feeling the resonation of a groan on the end of his dick, drilled his fingers hard into Sophie's wet pussy! "OK," he said delicately, "how about we do it, now!!!" Sophie knew precisely what David had his mind, and with the surrender of a prostitute, she licked and gulped his unbelievably hard cock until it was ejecting in her throat! At the point when the first touch of his cum reached to her mouth, her pussy twisted hard around David's examining fingers, and she felt her own climax tore through her groin like the train they were riding in!!!

Not having any desire to relinquish David's pecker, Sophie kept her head in his lap for another ten minutes or so, simply enjoying the taste and surface of the youthful stud's prick!!! At last, David pulled her up and again kissed her hard on the mouth. "We have one more night to go," he said, "would you say you are glad!?!" Sophie discovered his hard cock with her hand, squeezed it, and answered, "Is that answer enough for you?!?"

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